All of us working with Marco Polo Study Abroad in Italy welcome the students.
In order to ensure all the student’s safety and allow opportunity for the best possible learning experience   for all we require the students to understand our expectations and will require that they be followed.
The first rule, is a promise of respect; for each other the schools and the resort because you are representing yourself, your school and your country. In addition to being under your College rules and regulations, you are staying in a resort and will stay in hotels and residences. You will be expected to respect the rule of each property as well as the rules governing Italy and each school.
You are adults studying abroad. The water, climate and the food might be different than at home and will take a few days for your system to adjust. You must be proactive in your health abroad. Please ask your physician for a generic prescription for any drug that you are taking as specific brands might not be available. Carry this with your documents. Pack all medications in your carry on. They should be in the original container. Make sure you have enough medication for the entire trip.
Please advise the directors of Marco Polo of any health issue you might have as well as any medications you are taking so we may have that information available and ready on file if the need presents itself. If you have any dietary restrictions, allergies, sensitivities, ethical or religious, please let us know. There are many courses served and we will do our best to try to accommodate you

All students will be seated before anyone is served in the dining room

Should you feel ill, you must inform a director from Marco Polo immediately

You will receive a schedule including the bus departures. Please be at the bus stop 10 minutes before that time

Wine is served with meals. We expect there to be no excessive drinking at any time. Wine enhances the meal and adds another dimension to the experience

No illegal or un-prescribed drugs will be tolerated. Excessive drinking and/or drug use will result in being sent home. There is no reimbursement

There is no smoking in any of the buildings

Students are welcome to participate in tours provided

Any behaviour resulting in property loss or defacement will be the sole responsibility of the student and restitution will be required

The rooms are expected to be kept in good order. There is housekeeping provided. This staff is there to clean rather than pick up after you

Though the areas chosen for you to study and stay in are safe, common sense should be used throughout the journey. Below are just a few examples:

  • Don’t flash money
  • Discreet dress for women
  • Photocopy all your documents and have a copy at home  should you need it.
  • Be aware that certain phrases and gestures might have a different  meaning to others.