Marco Polo Program Abroad in Italy , provide government recognized university-level education with the goal of promoting Italian cultural education and tourism.
The Italian states have been a crossroad of many cultures and Marco Polo Program Abroad in Italy provides in depth exploration of diverse regions of this extraordinary peninsula.
Study abroad opens new doors for students allowing for cultural, scholastic and recreational experiences not found within our borders. We provide the comforts and amenities of an American college campus, at affordable prices. The result is a well-rounded graduate with a decided edge in the market place.
Instruction Multiple campuses allow for unique learning: Students explore different cities, their culinary specialties, culture and history. This is experiential education.

Security and supervision
In addition to translators, each facility has on-site supervisors. Students are housed in resorts and three star hotels, with “en suite” bathrooms. There are no dormitories. Typically students are assigned in well-appointed rooms, complete with hairdryers, television, and refrigerator, common areas for study and shared meals, and internet access. Single student occupancy can be arranged at additional cost.

All instruction, books, room, fees, meals, trans-Atlantic and transportation within Italy are included in the packaged cost. Optional excursions may be arranged at additional cost.

Flexibility of course content
Customized start and completion dates, while scheduled within 90 days, can flex to meet the semester requirements of the academic institution of origin. The financial arrangements and credits to be granted are controlled by the USA institution of origin. The planned learning experience is based on the needs and skills of participating students and university.